A proper place of rest is a crucial element in the Church's plan for celebrating the death of the faithful. Notre Dame is blessed in providing this ministry to its sons and daughters. As outlined in the Order of Christian Funerals, this plan entails a vigil, a funeral liturgy, and the right of committal.

Cedar Grove Cemetery offers several alternatives in the committal of the body awaiting Christ's return. The pious custom of burying the bodies of the dead continues in the use of graves or in above-ground mausoleum crypts. The cremated remains of bodies may be reverentially placed in above-ground niches or in graves. 

Today, over half the purchases of burial spaces made in Catholic cemeteries are done so in advance of death (pre-need). This shows both a sense of thoughtful planning and a sense of economic prudence. The decisions made now will be your own, which gives you peace of mind now and you loved ones peace of mind later. The cemetery staff stands ready to assist families make thoughtful, fitting plans either in advance or at their time of need. 

  • Eligibility

    Cedar Grove Cemetery offers burial options for Notre Dame alumni, faculty and staff with qualifying years of service, and members of Sacred Heart Parish.


  • Available Plots and Spaces

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    Available Plots and Spaces

  • Service Arrangements

    Make arrangements for a burial at Cedar Grove Cemetery and learn about Notre Dame coffins and urns made by Trappist Caskets.

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  • Catholic Burial Practices

    Learn about Catholic rites of burial and the Church's views on cremation.

    Catholic Burial Practices

  • Rules and Regulations

    Find specifications for in-ground and above-ground burials and other rules pertaining to burial rights here.

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