Old iron cross in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Cemetery in the Fall

Historic Cedar Grove Cemetery Pedestrian Entrance

Historic Cedar Grove Cemetery pedestrian entrance

Mary, Holy Mother of the Church and Mary, Holy Mother of God Mausolea Opened in January, 2013

Holy Mother of the Church and God Mausolea

a sacred space at a sacred place


Welcome to Cedar Grove Cemetery, located on the beautiful University of Notre Dame campus. Cedar Grove Cemetery provides a dignified Christian burial to members of the Notre Dame community. By setting aside a holy place for burial, Cedar Grove Cemetery offers a fitting environment for full liturgical celebrations. Just as in life, we believe that in death the human body deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We also foster a type of remembering that is enlightened by faith and sees death as a bridge to the Communion of Saints. Our bond with the believing is not broken by death.

Final Resting Place: Vatican releases instruction on burial, cremation

Cremation is a hot topic and growing in popularity every year. It is important as Catholics for us to know that 1.) cremation is an acceptable option for Catholics and has been for over 50 years and 2.) that scattering is strictly prohibited by the Church (as is separating the remains) and for very good reason. To learn more, please read this very important article explaining the instructions "Ad resurgendum cum Christo" ("To rise with Christ") recently approved by Pope Francis.

A Sacred Space at a Sacred Place
Interment for Alumni and Parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish

In addition to inground burial for faculty, staff and retirees with the requisite years of service, Cedar Grove Cemetery also affords above-ground burial to Notre Dame alumni, their family members, and members of Sacred Heart Parish, in a mausoleum comIplex named Our Lady of Sorrows at Cedar Grove Cemetery. Families who qualify may choose entombment of the full-body or inurnment of the cremated remains of the body in one of four mausolea. Please click here to learn more.

In Heart and Mind

Alexis Coquillard, co-founder of South Bend September 28, 1795 - January 8, 1855

In 1842 it was to the home of Mr. Coquillard that Father Edward Sorin, C.S.C. traveled on his way to the future home of the University of Notre Dame.

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