Memorial Programs


The proceeds from the following programs are donated to the Cemetery Bereavement & Memorial Fund. Established in 2016, the fund assists families in need with burial and memorialization after the death, stillbirth, or miscarriage of a child. Each year, grateful parents are forever touched by the generosity of the Notre Dame family.

Memorial Flags Program

Choose from 31 designs for display on in-ground graves throughout the year, beginning in autum. A flagpole and 1 flag per month for 12 months along with installation and maintenance by the Cemetery staff is included in your purchase. For more information about this program, please email

Purchase Memorial Flags

Christmas Wreath and Poinsettia Programs

Cedar Grove Cemetery offers Memorial Christmas Wreaths to those wishing to honor their loved ones buried in the cemetery and Memorial Christmas Poinsettias for those wishing to honor their loved ones interred in the mausolea. Each year we donate the proceeds from the sale of these wreaths and poinsettias to the Cemetery Memorial Fund. 

Wreaths have sold out. Poinsettia orders will close on Friday, December 15th

For placement of wreaths on the graves of in-ground interments: 

Purchase Memorial Wreaths 

For placement of poinsettia flowers on the mausolea for above-ground interments: 

Purchase Memorial Poinsettias