All Souls Chapel

Entrance to All Souls Chapel

All Souls Chapel, the original chapel at Cedar Grove Cemetery, was designed and constructed in the early 1850’s by Brother Francis Xavier. Brother Francis was among the original band of faithful to accompany Fr. Sorin on his journey to America. A skilled carpenter and self-taught architect, Brother Francis contributed to the design of many of the 19th century buildings found on campus. In addition to its pastoral purpose, All Souls Chapel has served as a mortuary, carpenter shop, and office.

In 1926, the original roof and steeple were destroyed by fire but immediately rebuilt. Aside from painting and other minor repairs, the Chapel had never undergone a renovation until 2004. Recognizing the Chapel’s historical significance to the University and local community, a University Chapel Renovation Committee was formed. Through a gift to the University, the Chapel’s sweeping overhangs and steep sloped roof were refurbished and a replica of the original onion-shaped steeple was installed. Entry doors and windows were replaced, new stained glass was installed in the transom above the front door, and exterior surfaces were cleaned and painted to return them to original condition. The interior of the Chapel was renovated to create a sacristy at the back of the chapel and six simulated stained glass windows with backlighting were installed to provide soft lighting for the chapel interior. The Chapel floor was raised and carpeted and the walls and ceilings were repaired and painted. New furnishings were provided and seating was expanded to allow for up to 32 guests. Additionally, a wheelchair lift was installed making the Chapel handicap accessible.

The Chapel is used to celebrate Masses on Memorial Day and All Souls Day and is available for Funeral Liturgy services as requested. Please take a moment to view images of the renovated All Souls Chapel as well as historical images from our archives.